Take Action Today

Sign our petition for a full forensic compliance study of our 2020 election.


Here is a list of 10 things you can do to help the effort:

Action steps for election awareness and reform

  1. Wake up and wake everyone around you up. Sixty percent+ of people now believe that there was cheating in the 2020 election. Reach out to all political parties; this is not a partisan issue

Host an educational event at your club, precinct or other organization. Contact us and we can send you the presentation materials or come to your location to present.

2. Register to vote and consider becoming precinct leader

3. Get involved with the election integrity  movement; join our Telegram channel and go to

4. Sign the petition (see above) for a full compliance study of the 2020 election

5. Educate yourself on the election process in SC by becoming a poll observer

6. Contact your local house rep and senator if they don’t support true election reform educate them. Tell them that until there is transparency and quality control of the process they need to  support:

a. Minimal absentee balloting

b. 1 day of in person voting

c. Getting rid of the machines

d. Paper ballots and paper poll books

7. Run for office

8. Don’t vote absentee; vote in person on election day as late as you can and check your ballot for accuracy.

9. Stop consuming MSM and supporting woke corporations: Trust your gut instinct instead and research and dig if you want more info on topics.

10. Stay positive, pray and focus on self care.