Become a poll observer

Call to action!!

We need all hands on deck to protect our votes in the upcoming election.

Irregularities can occur frequently in elections in many different forms. The first line of defense is working at the polls and being involved in the election process. There are 3 different ways to do this:

1)  Poll manager (and poll manager’s assistant) is a paid position whose duties include processing of voters, electronic ballot selection, activation of the voting system, compliance with election laws and procedures, general assistance to voters, and curbside voting.  It requires attending a training session through your county Board of Elections (contact them for more information).

2) Poll watcher observes and monitors how the election is administered.  They are trained and appointed by their local political party to observe the election day procedures in a precinct. This position is very important because their sole duty is to watch for anything that looks suspicious whereas the poll managers have actual work to do which makes them focus on the job at hand instead of watching for fraud.

3) Poll observer We started a Poll Observer Program through SC Safe Elections  for the primary election and are now trying to grow and expand this program to cover more polling places in more counties for the general elections. A poll observer can watch and document the election process in the same way that a poll watcher can but does not need credentials from the Party or a candidate. We want to be autonomous so that we have the flexibility to train and schedule our own volunteers. We found in the SC Poll Managers handbook where it states that:

“Since elections are a public process, anyone should be allowed to observe under certain conditions. Any member of the public in a polling place who isn’t performing a specific role (manager, voter, watcher, etc.) is considered an observer. Observers may be inside a polling place if they do not harass or intimidate voters or otherwise interfere with the election process. Due to polling place size, observers may be limited in number. Observers, as with anyone inside the polling place, may not display or distribute any type of campaign materials. Observers must conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Observers who are disorderly or unruly may be removed from the polling place (7-13- 140). After the polls close, the public must be allowed to remain in the polling place to observe the canvassing process.”

*To be a Poll Observer please refer to the training videos under Poll Observer Resources and contact Tammy at to be placed on the list.